The Curious Case of Tomb Of Sheikh Musa

So this ride turned out to be a double trouble or double fun as you may say. We visited Damdama Lake and after that the Tomb of Sheikh Musa in Nuh, Haryana which is famous for its 'shaking minarets'. More on that later !
Sometimes I wonder, why you should read this blog. Why you should bother where did I ride to? Honestly, I don’t have a solid answer to this question. But every ride story written is an attempt to share with you the experience of the whole ride. Also to make more information available online because people who don't want to waste their Sundays sitting idle at home, people who are looking to riding to a place can look it up and plan accordingly. Other than that it’s just me riding to random places, posting some pictures and writing some stories if you think about it.

One such ride happened few weeks ago and this time I had, yet again like my last ride to Amritsar, a Ducati Scrambler. Aahh what to say about the Scrambler,just can get enough of it. The 800 CC, 73.8 BHP of raw power is surely a head turner. So  an inpromptu plan of riding to Damdama Lake which was thought to be sort of a picnic spot (I will come to that later), and after that the tomb of Sheikh Musa in Nuh. The lake is not far away from Gurgaon and its just about 25km ride away. The inner road to the lake goes through the village so please don't ride too fast because there are MANY speed breakers and that too the hurting ones and of-course the villagers who often jump in the middle of the road . If you look this lake up online you will read that it’s a picnic spot, some adventure sports and camping site destination. Let me tell you very frankly that IT’S NOT. May be it was in past but today it’s nothing more than a dirty shitting spot which stinks now. I can’t even imagine going for a picnic here. We clicked some pics and observed the place.

After the photo session and were on our way to the Sheikh Musa tomb. Now this is one of a kind and unique building in India. It’s about 700 years old and it’s USP is that the two minarets on either side will shake if you vibrate one with the force of your hands. We thought of trying it. From the lake this old building is about 40km far. This is the Google Maps location for this building. It's right opposite to Mewat Engineering College if you wanna ask for directions.

As soon as we found this building and parked the bikes, some kids came running to us.

They seemed to be very excited to see us and were very keen to show us the building. They knew why we were there. The front (main) gate seems always locked so they took us in from around the building.

Next, Aditya climbed on one of the minarets and I did on the other. Mind your head while climbing (or wear helmet) because the stairs are too narrow.

When Aditya was shaking the structure with his hands, I could feel like a low-scale earthquake hitting the building which was 8-10 metres apart. Its amazing. I don’t know if this is because of a defect in construction or it was somehow made this way.

If you have some more time and energy, you can also climb up(half n hr) to the haveli on the top which is mostly the ruins left of the building and no other more. We obviously skipped that climb as it was getting hot and our Hydra Packs were getting empty as we were using it thoroughly 

Overall we felt that this place could be well taken care of and promoted by the government to protect it and attract more crowd here to make them aware of this unique shaking structure. Also Nuh town has other attractions  if one likes to explore - Chui Mal Pond, Cenotaph(empty tomb) of Chui Mal, Ghasera fort in Ghasera village(14 km from Nuh). Do comment if you have any query about this place which is a short ride away from Gurgaon.
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  1. Thanks to show me this beautiful pictures. This is the Tomb of my Grand Grand Father. Hazrat Khawaja Muhammad Musa. After Partition of Hisdustan We come to Pakistan now living in Muzaffargarh.Punjab. Pakistan. (Taliri Bypass).