Agumbe Adventures-II

Written By- Aditya Bajaj


Stay at Gokarna
From here we moved towards Gokarna some 80 km on the highway. On reaching the place we went to OM beach first to look for accommodation. We parked our bikes and I went down to check out Namaste cafe which was offering room at Rs 5k and I simply trekked up to tell the same to Sud. 

We quickly moved to the town but while going I saw a board on road which was leading to Kudle beach. I immediately asked Sud to turn(Bluetooth Intercom helps) as I told him I have heard a lot about it.We then rode towards the Kudle beach to find  accommodation. On reaching there we saw all cars and bikes parked I asked locals where can we find a place to stay he said to go and trek down to the beach. So I asked Sud to wait at the parking and I went down through the stairs .I brought my helmet along so that I can talk via  Bluetooth with him. On my way I found a local guy who asked me follow him as he owned one place near the beach. The trek was long which lead to the beach. The beach was huge and there were quite a lot of people on the beach at that time. The guy asked me to keep following and after 2.5 km and half an hour walk we reached his huts. There were only huts and was very small and shady. He was asking Rs 1500 for a night. I said to him I'll come back again. So I walked back to the beach which was 500 meters from his place and started to find accommodation.

Everywhere there were only huts that too were full. When I came to the beach the Sun was up and now it was dark. I was tired of hunting for an accommodation now and Sud was tired of waiting. It took me 2.5 hrs. to find some proper accommodation. I found out this Arya rooms which had proper cemented rooms with attached bathroom. The cost was negotiated for Rs 2000 which was the best bet one could get there. The rooms were close to the beach some 300 meters and were a lot better than the rest of the huts.

I again went up to Sud. It took me again half an hour to reach. We rode to another  road which was close to the hotel. We checked in and I was drained..there was no energy left. I was starting to feel uneasy due to the  long walk and the heat. Moreover we didn't bring any medicine or Electrol which we usually bring. Sud termed the symptoms are of heat stroke and I said okay may be. The night was difficult for me.

Next morning I was feeling better and first went to the beach to compensate for the night. The beach was amazing with just few people mostly foreigners making the most of it.We had breakfast at the cafe outside and again walked towards the sea. This Kudle beach was unexpectedly good experience. 

 The fall yet again
Next we checked out from room and were on road to Goa. Just after Kudle beach the road has many hairpin bends and the distance between turns is very short. We were riding quickly over the corners. Then suddenly on one corner I hit my rear brakes  hard which jammed my rear tyre(why 200 doesn't have ABS!!) so my bike as usual began to shake from rear. On straight road when this happens I am able to control the shaking since the rear slipping was routine. While this time there was a turn ahead and no straight road. So I was there trying to control the shaking and trying not to fall. This epic scene Sud was watching from behind and saying to me over Bluetooth fall fall. Why you not falling. I was there for good 10 seconds trying not to fall and after that corner ended and I was drifted on the edge and finally fell. Sud  mumbled Finally.
I stood up and looked at my leg first and then the  elbow and  the hands. There was not even one scratch or blood which I was expecting(as usual). While the pant, jacket and gloves took all .They were torn off from places.
I thanked God that I was wearing all the gears and understood again how important is to have proper riding gears.
Thankfully there was no damage to bike while there some girls who stop by to ask about me and told Sud see the bright side. We were back on road quickly and were laughing while talking to Sud about falling yet again. I consider it as a part of riding and do not panic. He also said that his friend also thinks the same as he keeps falling from his KTM and is still happy. I told him more than the fall it's other people empathy that hurts more. When other people saw my pant and jacket first thing they asked the same usual  questions.. Did I fall? Where? How did it happen? Am I hurt? And many more!

The face off
So we reached Goa and from here I wanted to meet with my other friends who were staying there. While Sud didn't and he wanted to move ahead. I tried to convince him to stay but as usual it was a straight No. So after long face off I went to meet my friends and he went ahead. While riding I was thinking about  it as he had to ride alone and he was planning to cover the entire distance of 700km (Gokarna to Mumbai )by riding continuously. If I would have not stayed  and joined him then he would have happily stopped and stayed somewhere in between to break the journey.      

The bad day
Since morning it seemed I was having a bad day. I reached Colva beach and called up my one of my friend for asking him on where to come. His phone was not reachable so I tried other friend and same response I got .Then I was trying continuously 5 different phone nos but could not connect. So I went to restaurant to have lunch and then to wait for some time to try again. I spend 2 hours there and was thinking to move ahead towards Mumbai. Then suddenly I could connect and found out that they were all at Palolem beach some 45 km back on same road which I covered. So I went back, it took 1 hr to reach but was happy to meet them .They were many people some old some new in a big group sitting and eating at German Bakery at  Palolem beach. Then we went to the beach. It was crowded and hot so I returned quickly. On our way back Munish asked me to drive his car as he wanted to ride my bike. I said okay so we were back on road and I was driving Munish’s car taking along 4 people who were pretty loud inside the car. They started recording video of Munish riding in Slippers and everyone looked at him. Then suddenly with such distraction I hit the other car from behind.

We got out while other car people also came out. I looked for damages: Munish’s car was alright while other whom I hit, his bumper was damaged a  little. Then the drama started on the middle of the road which continued for 1 hr.I had a big army of friends standing behind me and talking things out with some big random dialogues it just an accident and accidents are supposed to be done accidentally!
 In the end we paid him 5 K for the new bumper cost and I was telling Munish is he out of his mind paying so much. He said to conclude had to pay and told me to forget about it. While entire evening I was feeling bad about it and feeling continued till the night.

We all went to Colva beach for dinner while we were parking one of our other friend's car was stuck in sand. Then again for 1 hr we were trying to get it back on road and finally  we were able get it out. I said to myself that's enough for one day and told Munish not to travel with so many people for next time.
It was midnight and some people wanted to go to the Casino while some didn't including me as I had to get up early next morning. So I and few other people returned to the house where they were put up and I slept. Then late night Munish came from casino shouting as he won today and was able to cover 

 Day ended with many events that are hard to forget
. Route taken Kudle- Karwar- Palolem- Colva- Palolem- Colva some 200km

The last leg
Next morning I out on road by 6:30 am while I faced traffic at the long Chorla ghat as it looked all people wanted to return early. I was stuck in Belgaun city as my phone GPS signal  was lost. I checked the phone again and the navigation was back on track which guided me to the highway(NH4). While back on highway I rode towards Sankeshwar to stop for breakfast. I thought since now I’m in Maharashtra I should be able to get Vada pav or something similar but sadly there was same old’ Idli and Dosa available as they told me some more kilometers have to go to reach Maharashtrian food.

I covered Kolhapur - Karad - Satra quickly while faced traffic near Pune. The highway near Wakad is totally changed. There are new constructions, Hotels, Flyovers and more traffic. I took a small detour from Hinjewadi to check out the place where we used to stay during college and the temple nearby. Everything seemed crowded and new and it was difficult  for me to recall. I clicked some pictures of around and returned to the highway to have a quick bite at the roll house opposite Indira college
First bite I took and it was like the same nostalgic feeling I got. I quickly moved towards the old highway to reach Mumbai at the earliest. While riding on the old highway I could a lot of cars and was wondering why cars are going from here why not from expressway. The answer I got when bikes get a chance to ride on expressway at Khapoli. Everywhere there was traffic looks like everyone was out and now returning from highway.
I reached Panvel and I stopped my bike to search maps for Sud’s home address in Kharghar. The maps showed two routes the shorter one was taking though the expressway. I thought since I have already on outskirts of Mumbai I believe I could take the expressway opening. Still I asked two different people whether bike is allowed on that road and both of them said yes. So I started to move towards the toll and saw one police guy at a distance  so I thought of asking him again.

The candid chat
Me- Sir can I go from here.
Police - First show me your DL
M- I said ok here you go

P- (Looking at me)You don't know bikes not allowed here
M- Ohh but I stopped to ask you same.
P- (Noticed my torn pant and jacket ) Did you fall?
M- Yes
P- Where
M- At GoKarna
P- You riding from Gokarna
M- Yes..basically from Agumbe
P- What how many days you have been riding
M- For the last 6 days
P- What..why travelling so much
M- Ahhhhh
P- Yeah I know .. passion for riding no?
M- You can call it Sir
P- Is this Jacket and pant Indian made
M- Yes Sir
P- See that's why it is now torn after one fall. If you had invested in Foreign gears it would have lasted long
M- (Surprised) You know quite well.
P- Yes indeed and I know about your KTM duke also. It’s fast
M- Yes but we usually ride with proper gears and not for fast maniac thrill.
P- You talk about gears.. Why  you not wearing ankle length shoes
M- Yes Sir my bad
P- You know I also like traveling by my car
M- Really
P- Yes just recently I concluded my long Criminal Chase travelling from Mumbai to Delhi and return by car
M- What come again
P- Yeah so catching criminals is my specialty and this criminal was mobile so I took my car with two officers to catch him
M- Okay
P- So yes I also like travelling and I even have on RE 500 cc at home
M- I am surprised.
P- Don’t be.. My bike is old now so I have this car(Pointing)
M- Ok
P-.You tell me how was your ride. Did it hurt after fall
M- No Sir not a big deal
P- Yeah I know young you are even after fall you'll get you. Even I consider myself fit as compared to him(Pointing at his old colleague)
M- Yes you look fit and your biceps too
P- Yeah I have to go to gym regularly as I have to run after these types of Criminals
M- (Inquisitive)So Sir do you find your job challenging.
P- Off course yes, that’s why I left my PHD to join force
M- PHD. Really
P- Yeah earlier I was doing PHD but left to join the force
M- Do you plan to go back for education
P- No really as I am now experienced in my field
M- (Then I asked the personal killer question which I ask to my other close friends)
Sir(With a break)Do you like your job?
P- Yes indeed as every day I face challenges but in my line it's good to have Political support.
M- Do you mean in your Industry also there is politics like in ours.
P- No not politics but real politicians interfering and supporting.
M- Ohh. Okay
P- Yeah it's more complicated.
M- Sir we have been talking for so long meanwhile I forgot ,I have to catch return flight for tonight.
P- Ohh so I won't keep you engaged and here your DL
M- Thanks and It was a pleasure meeting you.
P- Pleasure all mine, ride safe
And I was like what just happened such a candid chat with police in Mumbai. In My past I have faced so many encounters with Mumbai police and all were bad very bad and this, I can't even believe. I thought of asking him to take a picture together then I saw stars on his shoulders. There was 3 stars and I thought it seemed he is at some big rank must be above sub inspector at least as I don't know the ranks as such. So I restricted to a firm hand shake and bid goodbye.

Riding on expressway
As he then allowed me to take the expressway I made sure that my bike presence is felt by all cars who must be surprised seeing me. I met Sud at his new house. It's at a quiet place with lot of greenery far away from Mumbai hustle and bustle. Later in the evening I left my bike with him so that he can send it to Delhi by train and took a cab to stick in Mumbai's traffic before reaching to airport just in time.

This trip concluded with mix feeling but definitely  a good ride to help on keeping happy for next couple of months.
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  1. Great read! Glad you are in one piece after that fall.
    Could do with a bit of route photos, though.

    Btw, no 4 stars in Indian cops.

    Two Stars = Sub Inspector
    Three Stars with Ribbon = Inspector/Senior PI
    Three Stars without Ribbon = DSP/ACP


  2. Thanks man..3 stars corrected!
    And there was no ribbon though.
    Route photos will try to incorporate.

  3. The chat with the cop! These are usually so way off what you expect. I once sat down with a cop for a chat and a chai and he started crying and told us how his daughters in laws were treating her badly. I sad he should do something about it since he is a cop and he said 'can't do anything, beti-Waala Hun'. Made me feel terrible.

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