13 Guys Who Will Redefine Biking Swag For You

1. He overtakes death from the left 

2. Go Pro or die tryin (Pic and caption by Sarath Shenoy) 


4. He has no idea what he is doing

5. Clearly such guys should not breed, and this is a unique way to ensure that

6. Because fuck dealerships 

7. And all other bikes are given non balancing

8. When you want to make sure your fuel tank is all clean from inside, what do you do? Of course you drop your buddy in there

9. Pulsar was launched in 2001

10. Forget the daughter, I gotta find a guy for my bike first

11. This observation in 40 years though

12. Brb gonna ride my Honda Avenger 

 13. Do you love him guys?

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