7 Ways How Riding Motorcycles Can Help You Become A Better Person

1.    Improves your problem solving skills: If you are into touring on a motorcycle you are definitely aware of the unexpected problems you can face on the road. Your bike can break down, weather turns bad, no place to stay etc. In such a scenario you are forced to think of a solution, on your own! It gives you the feeling of a winner because you overcome the hurdle yourself.

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2.   Increases your resistance: When you are travelling on your motorcycle, you learn to leave behind the comfort and luxury of your home. No more home food cooked by mom. At times you end up riding the whole day in sun, dust and sometimes in rains too. All these challenges do nothing but make you stronger towards these elements of nature and thus ‘dude it’s too hot outside!’  kind of weather doesn’t bother you anymore. You learn to survive in real world!

3.   Making friends on road: Over long rides, you end up meeting other riders on road and just like that you make new friends. There are high chances that a rider you meet on road has some mutual friends with you. The ride might be over but now you have a new biker friend in your list who will help you out when you land in his/her city.

4.  Makes you happier: I personally know many guys who have told me that riding bikes makes them happy. Even for myself in moments of stress I like to go on a solo ride without any destination and turn back whenever I feel like. It helps you open your mind, refreshes your thoughts and you come back with void of stress and with a smile on your face. May be a research needs to be conducted on the amount of endorphins released when we ride and compare it with other activities people do for leisure. If you know of any study conducted like that then do mention it in comments!

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5.    Improves your alertness: I think all riders and enthusiasts will agree with this that riding a bike is no easy task in India, where the road is full of not just traffic, but other elements which can cause accidents and ruin your ride. You can't help but stay alert on the road. On those long open stretches on highways when you just keep the throttle twisted and though you have had a good lunch at the last dhaba which is trying to make you fall asleep but you fight over that lazy bug inside you and keep going. It is not advisable to ride when you are tired or sleepy but one can’t afford to take a good nap after lunch while on a ride. You become more aware of your surroundings and it makes you more conscious and alert towards unexpected things like animals, cars joining the main road from streets, people jumping off the dividers etc. Hence you are enjoying the ride and at the same time you are also alert of these elements and thus you stay cautious. 

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6.  Improves your planning skills:  Anyone who has ridden to Leh will agree with this. You can’t do this ride without proper planning and organizing your stuff. Number of days you have in hand becomes your target for x km of distance to be covered. In addition to this , you plan for spares, medicals, your routes, your accommodation etc. and several other aspects of your complete ride which are all part of planning for the whole thing. 

7.   Respect for safety:  You not only start caring for your own safety when on road but safety of others as well. This respect for safety is the thing which makes you not to ride under the influence of alcohol or riding without a helmet etc. You become more sane on road.

Know any other way in which riding has helped you in your personal growth? Do leave it below in the comments for all of us to know and don't forget to share this post on Facebook with your friends.
Now after reading this if you are one of those who don't know how to ride a motorcycle and wondering if you can handle it or not, don't worry about it. Came across this great post on  learning to ride a bike. Of course learning is more of a practical affair but its great to learn some good practices, dos and donts and some advice on riding safe! You can read it here.

Ride Safe
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