10 Motorcycle Ads You Must Watch

Make sure you turn on the volume while watching these ads.

1. TC Bank-Dream Ranger: This is not exactly an ad by a motorcycle brand. Its an ad from Taiwan by a bank, however it shows the spirit of riding in a beautiful way. Few old men, facing different challenges in their lives come together and decide to pay tribute to a friend they lost and the old times.  

2. Yamaha WR450-Reunion: I simply love this ad for what bonds these friends together. Just that they have grown up and using bigger toys to meeet again and have fun, the right way.

3. Royal Enfield-Leave Home: Royal Enfield is not known for its investment in mass communication like print or TVCs however they have done some ads in the past and this one for Thunderbird is actually a good one. Some people might find it a little gross though. Leave Home.

4. Harley Davidson Ad: One of the many ads from Harley Davidson. A brand which has been synonymous with being macho since ages which is shown in this ad with an unexpected twist 

5. Bajaj Pulsar Mania ad: There is no denial that Bajaj Pulsar brought a revolution to Indian motorcycle world with the never brought before sports biking culture in this country. I still remember watching this ad with my mouth wide open as a teenager when it was first aired on television. Those stunts were cool and with the arrival of Pulsar, everyone wanted to be cool.

6. Triumph Rocket III ad: It is totally unexpected from a brand like Triumph to make such a funny tv commercial for a massive motorcycle which Rocket III is. I laugh every time when I watch this ad. 

7. Yamaha Tracer ad: Its very difficult to connect a machine which cha motorcycle is, with human emotions and I personally Yamaha ad makers have perfected the art of it. This ad will strongly appeal to guys who ride and have a partner.

8. Kawasaki ZX12R Porsche ad: Nothing to comment, any description about this ad will not do justice to what it conveys

9. The Table Cloth Rivalry: In 2010, BMW came up with this brilliant ad of an S1000R pulling out a table cloth so quickly that all objects on the table did not fall. 

However, Aprilia somehow Aprilia took it personally and they responded to this ad in their own way with an ad for RSV4

Personally I think the winner in this table cloth rivalry is this guy who rides a Vespa and totally kills it

10. Transport Accident Commission Victoria-The Perfect Ride: This is not a brand advertisement, but an ad for motorcycle safety awareness and how most of the accidents are caused on road. I feel every guy who rides will relate to this because we all have faced the situations shown in this video. 

Know of any other brilliant motorcycle ad? Do comment with the link!
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