Honest Biker Quotes

Seriously I got tired of those very 'inspirational' quotes on random biking pics trying to give some sort of motivation while in reality, all of us who actually ride know that such 'English bullshit' is not required to get us going, nor that it matters at all. So here are some very honest, 100% real life biker quotes which we all can relate to. Laugh and Share!

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  1. It's cool to wear something leather and ride to the office.

  2. My husband simply adores motorcycles. He had long rides on his motorcycle and did not want to change to the car.

  3. A motorcycle is the main attribute of any biker. By the fact that his motorcycle can determine his views on life.

  4. I like reading such quotations. It so interesting for me to read it because all of them are the experience of other people.