Kedarkantha Trek Stories-II

Let this one be more of a photologue, but before going further if you haven't read how I arrived at Sankri for this trek, click here

Sankri to JKT (Juda Ka Talab)
Waking up to such cold temperatures was difficult and even more difficult was now to even touch the water. In the absence of hot water people were out of their comfort zone some of us accepted the conditions and braved to feel the water on our faces, while some of them waited for the hot water to come which the Indiahikes was kind enough to provide. The view from the terrace though:

I had decided to carry my backpack  myself because it will be true test of skills I thought, as there was an option to offload our luggage. Finally we began our walk to start the trek.

As opposed to the time of early morning or night, it became very hot quickly and we started sweating already while trekking. This was a steep trek today through the jungle. When we reached the campsite at Juda Ka Talab at around 2:30pm, the tents were already set up for us and we were 3 in a tent. By this time the group had started to converse and bond. Although I felt that the temperature had started to drop already even during the day time. After lunch everyone was tired but just to keep everyone awake there were some fun games by the guys which everyone enjoyed. I realized that the more I walked the warmer I felt and if the body was still and not moving I started feeling cold. The trick was to keep moving to stay warm. After all this some people decided to take some rest, while others took a walk around the lake which will freeze over night. The group was slightly disappointed that there was no snow as they had seen on the website and other blogs. I felt that people should enjoy and experience what they already see right in front of them rather than feeling sad for what they don't.

We had to wash our own plates (yes with freezing cold water) and we will get used to it in the days to come I told myself. Some hot soup during dinner and some simple yet really tasty food will be provided throughout the trek to us.

During the night it was almost full moon which kept the Milky Way invisible although I still tried to capture the night sky. Nevertheless the view of the moonlight falling on our tents was so beautiful! When you are in such a place out in open, the peace and the silence becomes a luxury.

JKT to Kedarkantha Base
Every morning our oxygen and BP levels were checked. It was made clear that if anyone is found in unsafe ranges of Oxygen or BP they will be sent down back, as was the case with one guy who was not even allowed to begin the trek due to his very high BP. What could he do I thought but safety first. So we woke up next day to frozen dew on our tents and even on our sleeping bags inside the tents. The grass was shining like crystals as the sunlight fell on it. Still the water was freezing and washing our faces seemed to be the most difficult task in the world, not climbing steep hills. Today was a relatively shorter trek but a steep one we were told and we will be reaching from 9100ft to 10400ft so there was some good altitude gain. The views during the trek were breathtaking and after lunch we took an acclimitization walk to get used to the higher altitude. It didn't seem like a 'walk' to me as it was a good 1.5hrs trek itself but will be surely helpful to prepare us for what was in store the next day. So take a look now at the pics for this day

You have already scrolled a lot so I will break it up here. Why don't you come back on the blog to read or rather see the pictures of the remaining trek? If you have any questions do comment!

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