Solo Ride From Delhi To Mumbai

By Aditya Bajaj

A road trip from Delhi to Mumbai was always on my mind since every time travelling between these two cities was only limited to train or flight. So this January 2017 with a window of opportunity I just started from Delhi with a rough draft in my mind of places of interest in Rajasthan and Gujarat. I didn't spend much time on Maps to define the route and places since I knew Rajasthan was too big to cover in one go. So I was clear on things to see :

Sambhar Jheel
Just 80 km outside Jaipur,it is one of the largest inland salt lake( 35 km approx). One has to take right from the Ajmer highway at Mokhampura and go 25 km interior.The lake area was huge. I couldn't find a road or any person nearby to ask how to go inside the plains closer to the lake. Then I figured out one has to go off road to enter from any place. First it was white sand under the tyres and then suddenly the sand became pink. I was riding fast on sand however the pink sand was actually salt. I figured out that when my tyre was about to get submerged. I looked to my left and then right, front and back. There was no one whom I could ask for help. I was 2 Km inside the area and with fully loaded saddle and tank bag. With all throttle I somehow managed to beat that patch and was on way to return. Then it was a tricky situation; I didn't follow the track and all directions looked same just open area. Took me some time to find the road. Once on road and took a breather. 

Some points to remember when you plan on going to Sambhar lake
* Don't venture alone, take your ride buddies along.
* Need a good ride(Scrambler or Tiger) or vehicle (4 x 4) which can take on sand and salt.
* Don't go around Sunset,the nearest town is far.
* Pack light and go further.

Chittorgarh Fort
With a rich history(thousand of women committing Jauhar or self- immolation ) and tittle of one the largest fort(28 Km) this was on my long pending bucket list.

I paid up the entry fees(Rs 15) and asked the guy where can I park my bike. He replied that there were parking lots defined clearly inside the fort. I asked him again where do I park my bike so that I can go inside. He politely replied that I can take my bike inside. I again asked him if he is sure he said yes the bike can go inside. I was still unsure and started riding. 

Being called one the largest fort because one has to go inside park his vehicle get down, see one spot and then move further in vehicle to repeat on long 13 km road. The were places to see all over not just by walking but by moving in vehicle.Inside the fort there was entire village: houses, shops,stops to eat and what not all. I was taken by a surprise. A guide was following on his bike, I asked him where can I click an entire fort picture,he said it not possible to click entire fort in one frame as I need to click at different places.
Points to remember while visiting Chittorgargh fort:
1. Take out entire day
2  Don't honk inside

Kumbhalgarh fort

It is the second largest and important fort after Chittorgarh . Build in 15th century and birth place of Maharana Pratap. It's perimeter wall extends to over 38 Km which is second- longest continuous wall in the world after the Great wall of China. Just 82 km from Udaipur it was a complete fort. The fort was standing tall on a hill top with huge gates,over 360 temples, and restored rooms. One can be satisfied within two hours.

Points to remember while visiting Kumbhalgarh fort
1. Carry hyrdra pack 
2. Cap and Sun shields

Rani ki vav, Patan Gujarat
No trip is complete without a step- well. Being titled as Queens of step-well,  it was one of the largest and the most sumptuous structures of its type. It is divided into seven levels of stairs and sculptural panels of high artistic and aesthetic quality.

Sun Temple, Modhera
The brilliant architecture was over 1000 yrs old.There was a golden hue and a huge kund which was one of its own class. 

The temple was plundered over time; no mater what is left, yet the remnants provide a great enchantment to behold.This place is definitely worth the visit.

Adalaj/Rudabad Step-well, Adalraj, Gujarat
Built in 1499 by Queen Rudabai, wife of the Vaghela chief, Veersinh, this five-storey stepwell was not just a cultural and utilitarian space, but also a spiritual refuge as it served as a resting place for hundreds of years for many pilgrims and caravans along their trade routes. Just 19 Km outside the Ahmedabad city.

The walls  are carved with women performing daily chores such as churning of buttermilk, adorning themselves, scenes of performance of dancers and musicians, and the King overlooking all these activities with spectacular example of Indo-Islamic architecture and design.

Rest many more places to see, just go as the road is amazing!

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