Glorious Gwalior-II

So if you have read the first part of the Gwalior ride story, you know where I am right now. After grabbing a quick bite post my fort visit, I was good to walk again. I could see many students doing their evening run or on the roads and also saw huge playgrounds. Soon I spotted a horse training session where I saw some beautiful horses being trained. 

These students from a very popular and India's best boarding school (for boys) in Gwalior called The Scindias. The buildings of this school are huge and nothing less than a palace itself. 
                Few more metres to be walked and in comes Teli Ka Mandi and it is also the oldest structure in the fort, built around 850 AD. You can easily see the influence of North, South and Buddhism in the architecture of this temple. Somehow the deeper you go inside in any of these old buildings, there is a foul smell which makes you run away, may be its the bats, birds, insects or whatever but the smell is unbearable. So don't go much inside and admire the beauty from the outside. So teli means oilman and after reading the description of the temple I could finally relate it to the old saying 'Kahan Raja Bhoj, Kahan Gangu teli'! It is built in a very green garden sort of place and walking on the grass is something I enjoyed. The temple seemed to be very tall to me and it was beautiful. 

    So there is this Bandichhod gurdwara also which you can visit, otherwise if you continue to walk you would be walking on the road backside of it which also leads to this Saas Bahu temple. Now don't laugh, thats what it is, but its actual name is Sahastrabahu temple which got changed to Saas bahu over time. These are two temples built next to each other, one is big and one is small, denoting the saas and bahu nature of these temples. I loved the work done on the bigger temple and brightness of the stones was just pleasing to the eyes with the evening sunlight falling on it. Once inside the Saas temple, the sunlight falling on the huge pillars was a beautiful sight. 

                     I enjoyed this visit to Saas Bahu temple. Here a small incident happened, not with me. A small kid was left unattended and her parents couldn't be found for long. A lady was holding this girl until finally her mother and father appeared from outside. It seemed to everyone that they had completely forgotten the baby at the temple and there was no concern or regret on their face. They got it nicely from the crowd on their irresponsible behavior. 

Sun was beginning to set now and I walked back to the fort and sat here for a while enjoying the sunset, also to wait before the sound and light show. Sitting here enjoying the lovely sunset was a beautiful experience
If you've read the first part of this ride story, I had advised not to purchase the ticket for sound and light show here. Very boring and its just narration of some events related to the fort in history along with some sound and lights. I sat until 15 mins of this show and quietly walked back to the exit of the fort, which again was a long walk in the dark. Although the view of the city at night was quiet a sight.

Some local flavor and I headed back to the hotel in a share auto 
    A quick dinner and I was off to sleep. So this was the visit to Gwalior and I'm sure there's much more to explore here. But even in just half a day I could absorb so much of this city. It was a good day today! Honestly it exceeded my expectations and it was a delight to be here. From here I headed to Orchha next morning and very soon update the ride story. Update: read the Orchha ride story here.

Summary: Delhi to Gwalior 356km
Food: Rs. 288, Petrol: Rs. 1032 (started with a full tank)
Hotel: Rs. 800, Share Auto: Rs. 10, Tickets: Rs. 65
Total: Rs. 2195

Now enjoy a short video I made :)

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