Roopkund Trek: Ghaeroli Patal

Day 1: Base to Ghaeroli Patal
I had transferred my stuff from the Claw to my rucksack the previous night and that’s the best thing about it, it could accommodate my entire trekking stuff including the trekking pole. I am thinking to sell off my Velox and go for the Claw as I already have the tank bag for shorter rides.
Nevertheless after the breakfast and briefing in morning the group was ready to e-start our trek(kick start is too main stream). First we all had to get in the four wheelers and drive to this village called Wan, about 45 mins drive from Wan. What a lovely view from this place when we reached here

For the purpose of length of this post, I will unable to give the details of each section of the trail and every hour of the day, but an overall summary of how the trail was.

Just when we started to trek I saw few kids holding their hands and going to their school. To me surprise each of the three brought their palms together to say a ‘Namaste’ to me. I was pleasantly shocked to see this gesture from these small kids and what an instant dose of happiness this was.
And the initial section of the trek itself started to seem difficult as it was very steep. This meant a quick break for everybody soon after we had started and this was at the Latu Devta's temple. Our local guide Devendra (bhaiya) explained about the local traditions of their villages and how every 12 years the biggest yatra happens over the entire trail towards Roopkund Lake. The line about 'both male and females are not allowed inside the temple' is not true though.
So Roopkund is fairly commercialized trek and this means there are many dhabas which also become our pit stops for rest and refreshments. Most of these dhabas offer stay facilities so if you want to plan for this trek on your own you can easily do so and stay at one of these dhabas which are there are important halt points for the day. And here are some pics from the initial section which was mostly paved but very steep. This stream below was the source of drinking water and have no fear, its safe to drink

Once we crossed the Neelganga river (the pic above) we were now in the jungles which changes your experience completely. Practically, walking on jungle trails is much easier than a paved trail because of the shock factor to your knees and feet. More or lass gradual trail here and another pit stop for some maggi or buransh juice which is the juice of a local flower and tastes like roohafza (also mentioned in Deorial Tal trek blogpost). 

From Neelganga river its quiet a climb to Ghairoli Patal. Patal means a flat open meadow between the jungle. This was our campsite 

Goes without saying that it was extremely cold here itself. But there was a certain calmness attached to this place. Look at the picture above, looks like a visual depiction of a poem with the clouds hovering around the trees.

                                     Indiahikes has a strict policy about health and safety on their treks so the trek leader Shivam took oxymeter reading for all and BP reading (only for required people) at every campsite and sometimes twice on a single day. After we were alloted our tents and done with these oxy check ups, we were served lunch which is as always delicious with India hikes. But thats like your day over already. You have nothing to do after lunch and its not advisable to sleep. So they keep engaging us in some sort of physical activity to keep us warm, oh and the post trek stretching and back+neck massage is a treat we all looked forward to. We were told that sometimes bear can be spotted in the dense forest around. Some of them were more worried about washing their hands and plates with the freezing cold water and I don't blame them lol.

It gets dark every early in mountains and this means early to bed and early to rise

This morning we were all ready to trek to Bedni Bugyal where we will spend next 1.5 days. So come back to this blog to read about it in the next post!
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  1. I can only imagine how great your trip might have been. However, it would have been great if you could add details about your journey.

  2. Hey keep posting such sensible and significant articles.

  3. Where is the part 3 or does it end here?
    Worra slow updates. -.-

    1. Hello Haya
      I am dealing with some technical issues. Please and very soon all the remaining stories shall be updated :)

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