5 misconceptions Indians have about bikers

  1. Bikes are dangerous
People have this weird misconception that bikes are dangerous and four wheels are safer than two wheels. Just because you are in comfort of closed air conditioned cabin of a car does not mean you are in safe hands. Indian roads are full of surprises and anything can happen to anyone, be it a rider on a motorcycle, a car or even a pedestrian. You can even die sitting at home while an earthquake strikes your city. Sitting at home is dangerous? You never know!


What matters is how responsible you are towards your own and the safety of others on road.

  1. Bikers do nothing but ride
Then what pays our bills? How do we pay for petrol? We are normal human beings just like you who has a boring and sluggish job and even we have thousands of cabin and desk issues which makes us hate our jobs. Some of them might be lucky who are in a job which satisfies their passion as well. 


But most of us are struggling to get leaves, looking at those rare long weekends on calendar and planning the next ride to escape the chaos which the life is. No, we do not ride all the time and crave for an opportunity to do so.

  1. They create trouble on road
If you have ever come across with a decent rider in your life, you will disagree with that statement. Also anyone who rides a motorcycle cannot be called a ‘biker’. Genuine riders have utmost respect for their motorcycle, the people on road and the road itself. They always ride in concern to the traffic around them. It’s only because of certain helmet-less idiots on road who think they can fly across the traffic the image of all the bikers is spoiled. 


Bikers give prime importance to safety on road and they will even stop and help you get out of trouble if you are stuck in one.

  1. Where’s your tattoo?
All bikers do not have a tattoo. Even a nerd who has got a 9 to 5 desk job can be a true biker and can be so without having a tattoo on his body. He can be a fat looking uncle in his 70s or a vanish in the air lean guy in his 20s. 

In fact I hate the tattooed-biker image which most of us have in our mind.

  1. You ride in a gang?
There is no protocol as such that if you want to ride a motorcycle you have to be a part of a biker gang. If you love riding you don’t have to wait for anyone’s approval and you can hit the road solo. I ride solo most of the time. 


In fact I don’t understand the purpose of these biker ‘gangs’ who just ride around in the city in large groups and mess up the traffic. Even during the rides it’s such a pain to get hold of each of them and organize a ride. And then you will find some of them turning up without helmets or riding gear. Most of them in these so called gangs join it just for the sake of being called a biker or to show-off the new ‘super bike’ they bought with their dad’s money. Not sure if every one of them understands the true meaning of riding and the love for the road.

And please people, we do not 'drive' the motorcycles, we ride! 
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