Ride Story: Rameswaram-Munnar-Chennai (Day 2)

So after a great ride on Day 1, I left the lodge at 8:30 am and I knew that today I have plenty of time since fewer miles to cover. The roads from Ramanathapuram were really good and because I had time I could make more stops to click pics of the beauty around.

As I was clicking pics this guy comes and asks me to help with the load. He was carrying so much load on his bike he was barely able to see ahead! Asked him to at least wear a helmet as I clicked his pic:

Reached Madurai at 9:15am to spot this beautiful temple:

Hot idlis for breakfast!  (9:30am)

The roads were again just too good to ride and it reminded me of the curves of the East Coast Road to Pondicherry. Thankfully the weather was also great which made the experience even better.

Madurai to Theni the roads are very green and once I reached Theni I got stuck in the city traffic for some time and after crossing Bodianakanur , Munnar was about 60km away and I could feel by the wind that the hills are close. Time to ride on the hill roads then which means lot of curves but at a slow speed.

Wasn’t too late that I started spotting clouds while riding uphill:

From this point onwards I was riding very slow and took time to enjoy the beauty around and click pics. Faced a road block which was being cleared.

The road uphill towards Munnar is also in mixed condition. Lot of road construction work is going on and you have to be careful and ride slow on these roads. The road leading to Munnar is so green you feel as if you riding in a jungle. I stopped for a while to drink water and could hear the sounds of birds and insects which made me feel very close to the nature. This was a good experience and made me happy. 

But the best was  yet to come.
At the sight of the tea plantation all around, I literally laughed with joy. Just enjoy the pics to know what I am talking about :

Such smooth and curvy roads I didn’t even cross 50kmph and was totally enjoying this experience. It was cold so green all around! Spotted a lake !

Went a little off road to take these pics below:

This guy wanted to sit on my bike and take a picture. These guys rode from Chennai on a Splendor, without a helmet or even shoes, leave alone the riding gear. Appreciate the spirit but not the stupidity.

Once again, idhu race bike ah? Illa sir normal bike.

Look at this beauty!

I was climbing uphill and soon nothing was visible was I looked down:

And now I was riding among the clouds :

I reached Munnar top at about 2:15pm riding slow and enjoying the nature around. I thought I should fix the accommodation first before doing something else and I faced the same problem again. No accommodation because Christmas/New years. The ones available were too expensive. However I talked one guy out to provide me a room for a night at a decent rate and so I was relieved. But he asked me to come at 5:30pm that means I had to roam around. Asked him of the places nearby to see and he said I can go to Atoka Waterfalls about 8km away.

More narrow curves towards these falls and soon I reached the falls at about 3pm.

There was a tea shop at this point and I thought this will be the best place to relax and kill some time.

These three guys came and just lied down on the rock and started taking pics. It seemed that they didn’t know any other pose. One of them asked me where I am going next after the water falls. I said I don’t know. He was surprised that I wasn’t here for sight-seeing.

On my way back I purchased some tea and chocolates :) After this I checked in the hotel and took some rest.

Some pics of the town

Delicious dinner!

Back to room and I cleaned my helmet visor again. MucOff is just too good and I strongly recommend it for all the riders! Look at the shine:

This was such a good day in terms of riding and I was really happy that I came to Munnar. Slept early and found myself awake at 2am. Wow, couldn’t sleep until 4am. I had to start early the next day as many kilometers to cover, and…

Day 2: 306km, riding time: 9 hours.

Day 3 (Final): To be updated soon! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this story. Share with your friends and plan a ride to this place soon! 

Ride Safe
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  1. Siddik Razeem, Mangalore(Qatar)

    Hey Here, I am great crazy of long ride on bike. your ride was just amazing I really enjoying your post. actually I am in Qatar, when I come to India for vacation definitely I do plan and will go to long. keep riding enjoy the nature.

    I had been to Munnar long back with family. its a great place and amazing scenic.

    1. Hi Siddik. Thanks for reading and yes you should go for that long ride you have been planning. Always wear helmet :)

      Ride Safe