Benefits Of Wearing A Helmet

Wondering why should you wear a helmet? Well why not ! it has so many benefits :

·        Saves your head from injuries against impact on road
·        Saves your eyes from dust
·        Saves your eyes from rains (if raining.. of course duh!)
·        Saves your hair from bird poop 
·        Helmet makes you look cool, if you are ugly you should definitely wear a helmet
·        Saves your money . Yes. If riding without a helmet you meet with an accident , you will spend more in getting the X-ray and MRI scan done , instead spend that money in buying a good helmet.
·        Decreases the likelihood of death
·        Protects you from wind noise
·        Protects you from insects and bugs while riding (unless you like to chew them)
·        Protects you from heat and sun rays
·        If you are bald and you wear a wig, helmet keeps your wig intact

"A guy riding a 100cc motorcycle wearing his helmet looks more handsome than a guy riding a Harley Davidson without wearing a helmet"

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  2. Thank you, this is great post, it has helped many people realize the importance of wearing a helmet

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  4. Even if the helmet is apparently not damaged, it can be fragile and cracked in places that are not visible. Ride with a helmet that has already received a shock can be very dangerous because no longer play a protective role. Helmet Now