LED Spot Light fixture on KTM Duke

I had purchased these two LED spot lights, bought it from aliexpress.com as I got a good deal (mind you they take 40-50 days to reach India via free shipping). So I was in procrastinating mode and never got it fixed and just kept asking around friends on the ideas on where should I fit it, the clamps and fixtures and all. I was acting lazy. Now after moving to Gurgaon this was on top of the list and last Sunday(26th April 2015) I managed to go to Carol Bagh to get it done. This write-up is just to share the pictures of the installation process for other riders to see if they want to do something similar. 

These are the lights and they come with complete set of clamps and allen keys and bolts along with them.
(Metzeler in the pic above got changed to Michelin Pilot Street Radial soon)
I was hesitant in putting these lights on the forks cuz didn't want to mess with the paint and I also didn't want to open the fork clamps. So our guy Mr. Saleem suggested that I can put the lights with the help of a strip on these joints on the headlight casing:

After being satisfied that there will be no problem in turning the handlebar completely and the strip will withstand the load of the lights even on a day long ride I gave a go-ahead to the mechanic. He quoted Rs. 300 to fix the lights which seemed pretty reasonable amount. 

He removed the headlight casing and the panel cover on top. Meanwhile I managed to take a transformer picture of myself:

This is how the metal strips looked after fixing:

The electrical connection given was not direct to the battery but with the enging ignition. I am sorry I missed the wiring part and hence not able to explain it in detail here. He fixed the switch with the joint of the LH mirror and took the wires within the cable locks on the handle bar.

And the switch:

After this when he tried to fit the headlight casing back, it wasn't fitting properly and so he told me that he will need to cut a bit towards the end.

Once fitted back, this is how it looked.

Part II! 
Today I clicked some pictures with and without these lights on for comparison purpose and you can see the difference below:

1. Headlight low beam, LED  OFF /ON (click the pic to enlarge)

First pic is with LED off and second pic is with LED on. As you can see there is an increased , longer visibility (2nd circle on top) and wider range (1st circle on top, and botton two circles).

2. Headlight high beam, LED  OFF /ON (click the pic to enlarge)

I rarely ride in high beam mode because I hate riding against it myself so I don't want others to suffer because of my high beam. However in high beam mode, there is small difference in range and visibility with these spot lights on. 2nd pic is with LED lights on. 

One important thing is at what angle you choose to fix the lights on your bike. You can fix both the lights at different angles may be according to your comfort.

Now you can decide if this difference and increase in range and visibility is good enough for you to buy these lights or not! However they look cool too ! 

Please let me know your comments and share this with anyone who is looking to make such a modification.
Thanks for reading. Ride safe.
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  1. This article helped me indeed..coz tmrw I vl be doing this for my ktm duke 390..Thank you very much, for this info..

    1. I'm glad it helped you Doc! Do share your pics of your bike after fitment and Like the page on facebook! https://web.facebook.com/motostories.in

  2. Hi, can you please share some info on the windscreen you have installed? Where did you get it from? How much? Is it really effective at removing wind blast from your chest and head at highway speeds?

    1. Hi Akhil. I got this windshield from Bangalore for Rs. 2300 including shipping to Chennai. This windscreen is moderately effective in reducing wind blast and the difference of riding without one is clearly felt. However at higher speeds there is still some turbulence in bike and the bike shakes terribly above 150kmph (track experience). So for touring in the ranges of 110-125 this windsheild works well but not above that. Let me know if you need more details. Thanks :)

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