4 Reasons Why I Will Never Join A Riding Club

·        Waiting- This is the biggest pain point for me because of which I avoid riding in a group. Riders do not turn up on time before the ride and because of this other riders have to wait until everybody arrives. And then during the ride people want to stop just for a smoke, take selfies etc.  Even organizing a group ride and getting everyone together is a pain because more the riders, more the opinions on what should be done and sometimes this adds too much of hassle in executing a ride plan. I like to stay away from all this confusion.

·        That one asshole – You will agree with me when I say that in every group there is always one asshole who is without proper riding gear, is always in the mood of ‘waNna rAcE?’, rides like a complete jerk with no respect to the rules thus creating risk to the safety of other riders. Who wants to ride with such idiots!?

·        Riding plans on Whatsapp- I was added in the Whatsapp group of KTM riders in Gurgaon and I have never come across biggest jerks in my life. All they did was ‘hows mah ride guys??’ and make impulsive riding plans on Whatsapp because one says ‘we should ride to Faridabad toll this Sunday’ and second one is like ‘ya man we should totally ride this Sunday’ and the next message I read on Sunday afternoon is ‘I was waiting for you why didn’t you come?’

·        Can’t enjoy the ride- In my view you can’t completely enjoy the ride in a group because of said/unsaid restrictions. A group has all sorts of riders, experienced, newbies and one slow rider can slow down the pace of the entire group. If you try to overtake a rider ahead of you, it might hurt his ego and he will overtake you back, thus creating a war on road (believe me I have seen this!). Why ride at 80kmph on a smooth open road when you can enjoy riding your motorcycle at 100kmph? I like to twist that throttle when the road is clear and I feel that doing this in a group will always create a liability on me to be careful towards the safety of other riders, respect the rules of the group etc.

For all these reasons I prefer riding solo or with a maximum of 3-4 guys. I am not saying that everyone should go solo. Solo riding has its cons too, but lesser the number of guys you ride with, lesser the amount of bullshit you have to deal with! 
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