A Short Tour Of Rajasthan-II

Day 2: Kota

Why Kota? You will know soon.

The weather gods continued to be happy and so was I to be on road. But, yet again while exiting the Jaipur city, the traffic cops stopped me on one of the tolls and ask for the number plate. Had to pay the fine AGAIN and now I had to do something about it, at least fix the number stickers on the wind shield which will not hide the vehicle registration number at a first look. Route today was Jaipur-Tonk-Deoli-Bundi-Kota. The roads are super smooth throughout this route! Beautiful weather yet again.

So after asking few shops I reached Deoli and luckily there was a sticker guy who had a computer and printer, yes..on the highway! Stopped to get this done while answering the regular questions of are you racing? How fast the bike goes? But ‘how many people can sit on this bike?’ was a first lol.

But as soon as you exit the highway and move towards Kota, only thing which welcomes you is bad and even worse roads. This was a 260km ride and I reached the hotel at 00:00 noon- Hotel Kishan Kunj. Again, same story of booking it on Goibibo app and I got 100% cashback after the checkout. Very useful tip guys! 

My hotel was near the railway station and after checking-in here it was almost lunch time and I was suggested this place called Amar Punjabi dhaba which was at a 5 min walk from the hotel.

It was festival time of Rakshabandhan and the roads were full of fancy shops selling rakhis. So after the lunch I got back to the hotel get ready for the place I wanted to ride to. Garadia Mahadev. Now you must how seen the Rajasthan Tourism ad on TV, Janesthan in which they have shown this beautiful place. Since then it has attracted me and entered in my list. Also, I always talk to the hotel guys to ask questions on route, timings and any other local tips they might have to offer. He suggested that I should come back by 6pm as that place is somewhat remote.

Checked google maps for the route and happily was on road, until I reached a point where the map wanted me to turn left but there was none. It was blocked. So I continued riding ahead and thought will find a road ahead and take left from there, as I had also read on one of the Tripoto blogs, but even this option failed. I came back and found there is small opening on the side from which the vehicles are passing on this no road area. Rains had made it little more difficult because of the slush. Also from this place you don’t have to rely on Google maps as its not accurate. The route which I had to take was:

After you reach on this highway you have to ride 5km further and take the exit on the left.

I was constantly thinking about the bad conditions of the road throughout even when the place is promoted by Rajasthan Tourism. So be prepared for an adventure ride. However because of the monsoons the whole place was very green and pleasant, if you think it makes up for it a little.

Here I was, at Garadia mahadev. The first view of the Chambal river taking a U turn across the plateu is breathtaking

Its something I haven’t seen even in movies and media and so I thought it was amazing to be here. Spent good time admiring the place here for a while.

Now this place has become sort of a picnic spot. I could see families spreading bedsheet casually and eating food and kids playing around. Bunch of pulsarmaniac guys taking selfies and being cool. So its sure that 2 years from now this place is going to be ruined. I walked further which is the way towards the temple here. Stairs below towards the temple and you have to leave your footwear on the top. Before going down I just glanced there to see what exactly lies there. I could see fat uncles coming out wet and topless, hence there must be some holy stream. The way below was so narrow and was stinking with the amalgamation of the sweat of all the bodies lol and it was too crowded below. Didn’t think its worth to go there and I returned. 

Another important thing is that please carry your water/food while coming here because there’s absolutely nothing you will get here. There are some monkeys around but they are more interesting in borrowing your food rather than offering you some. Followed the same route back to hotel.

After which it was time for some snacks yet again. Tried some kachori and samosa this time.

There were pan shops with shiny disco lights and I think they will grow up and become a bar lol.

Skipped the dinner and had a good sleep!
Petrol: Rs. 600
Food: Rs. 220
Total: Rs. 820
Distance: 344km

Day 3: The Ride Back
Day 3 was all about riding back close to 500km to Gurgaon. It was Independence day and I wanted to be on the road as early as possible to avoid multiple security checks and start cruising on the highway. I was on road by 7am and there was no traffic until Jaipur, after which suddenly so many people magically appeared on road. Another tip here is that as you exit from Kota towards Jaipur (by the way the road towards Kota from the highway is super fucked), you will also see a signboards showing Delhi and asking you to take a right. Do not that take that and continue towards Jaipur on NH22 itself. It was comparatively a hotter day and a smooth ride till Jaipur. Breakfast stop at:

You see cars on road, they stop at the same place for eating. They smile at you and talk and ask questions. This is the routine!

Battling the traffic jams at tolls of Haryana and the hurting the egos of several SUVs on the highway, reached back home at 1:30pm.

Rajasthan was a great experience and I think I will visit again just for the food!

Stay: Rs. 1200 (the cheapest I could get during holiday season!, but I got it as cashback too)
Food: Rs. 80
Petrol: Rs. 1010
Distance covered: 508km

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  1. Great views... I visited Kota, Bundi and some nearby places last year. But did not make it to Garadia Mahadev. What I wanted to ask was that do you have any dea about the public transport? How easy or dfficult would it be to reach it from Kota on a bus?

    1. Really sorry Jitaditya I dont have an idea about the public transport to reach this plcae. May be you can call a local hotel and enquire?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. When I saw the second photo with kachori and samosa it seemed to me like it was an apple with worms in it. It scared me a lot! Glad I was wrong)) Such an awful illusion. I Can't even watch at my apple right now. I think I'll better check the prices of edubirdie.com instead of eating it. Don't know when my appetite will come back.