An Excursion Near Delhi

Written By: Aditya Bajaj

It was starting of the week and commuting between Delhi and Gurgaon was already taking a toll on me. It was already on news and with rains the traffic had just gone worse to pathetic. Every morning, I looked on the google maps just to decide the route strategy to take. On road taking different routes, applying all permutations and combinations to arrive at office with a little hope to dodge the traffic. So I was standing at crossing between Mehruali Gurgaon and Mehruali Badarpur road.This was not the usual route which I take. At the crossing  unlike other pervert motorcyclist who were peeking into cars I was looking at the long Eucalyptus trees which was actually the  Mehrauli Archeological Park. Suddenly I saw a monument hiding between trees.I immediately asked fellow people who were there what it was but no one cared. Then instantly the Sunday ride was decided to go and visit some monuments and to get familiar with history.
Azim Khan Tomb

Situated at crossing of Mehrauli Badarpur road and Mehrauli Gurgaon road,just near Ahinsa Sthal. The tomb of Azim Khan is located on a hilltop which dates back time of Akbar.There were two guards posted at the gate who were as surprised to see me as it seems not many people come.There was sandstone plaque but not much info about the history was written.A small staircase will take to the dome shaped tomb which had few graves out side and inside locked with big iron gates.The tomb complex had an spectacular view of the entire Qutab Minar complex with some more monument in the vicinity. I could also see the terrace of Ahinsa Sthal and was left thinking that haven't seen anything in Delhi.

Next  on the list was  Bhangarh fort which was so so long due.So I headed out to Gurgaon


1. Delhi- Gurgaon- Kapdiwas- Bhiwadi- Alwar- Rajgarh- Bandikui- Bhangarh- 261 KM

2. Delhi - Gurgaon- Dharuhera- Neemrana- Behror- Sodawas- Tatarpur- Alwar- Umren- Sariska- Thanagazi- Ajabgarh- Bhangarh- 250 KM

I intended to take route 1 but ended up taking route 2 because there was no exit on the highway to take left to Bhiwadi. So I followed the NH 8 right up to Behror. The road was good and I could cover up quickly with Avg Speed of 94 km/hr. From Behror I took left under the flyover for Alwar town.
The road from Behror was amazing. It was clean and green all around. Suddenly on left side I saw a fort and immediately pressed on brakes.I reached the base asking my way from the onlooker villagers.

Tatarpur Fort

It was standing tall while looking abandoned. There was one guy staring at me, so I asked him to show me around which he readily agreed.One has to climb small staircase to reach the main gate which seemed to be locked. However the guy pushed the small gate and opened it.There was again a small climb and I was wondering by so climb its not on a big hill.The guy said it is believed that in older times there was 4 level below this fort but now no body could find the way to go there.
He then showed me underground big tank used to store water which was huge.Inside the fort walls there was a small palace and outside you could see the entire village. He also said some hotel chain has plans to convert this fort into a luxury hotel but work has not started yet. I said to him yeah I can see the deteriorating condition. I quickly came down,bid him goodbye and managed my route back to the road to Alwar.

Tatarpur Fort

Thought it was a well but was an underground tank

                                                                   All they ask in return is a picture with the bike!
While riding I was constantly thinking converting forts into hotel will bring good  but then they will as usual charge huge tariff and make it a commercial business. While I would rather prefer the old  abandoned forts which are less crowded.

I reached Alwar and thought of taking stop for breakfast but  couldn't find a restaurant only sweet shops only making  making Ghevar sweets in the morning. So I settled with usual tea and biscuits continued to Bhangarh.

From Alwar one can take the usual-Rajgarh- Bandikui- Bhangarh while I was interested in going  Sariska first. I had been to this route earlier and it was amazing , the road was surrounded by Forest and Green Hills.Here the internet connectivity was bad so could not make use of the maps. After crossing Sariska booking post I just followed directions asking people. The road till Sariska was very good while afterwards it was bad; back breaking till I reached Bhangarh covering  route Sariska- Thanagazi- Ajabgarh.

Ajabgarh Fort
Ajabgarh fort was was a total surprise for me. It was clearly visible from the road side but no boards or hoarding was there mentioning what was it.It was raining still and I stopped to get a view of the fort from the road and click picture. I could not see any tourist or road leading up to fort. There must be a small trek to reach it Then I  asked few locals who disclosed the name. It was not at all developed for tourist just left there standing.

                                                                                                Ajabgarh Fort
Bhangarh Fort

I continued on the road to reach Bhangargh. As soon as I reached  I was shocked to see Traffic jam and crowd . There vehicles in hundred in the parking lot and long que to enter the gates. Everywhere there were people, riding on gates, scaling the walls , playing in garden, eating and sitting. And I was wondering was it supposed to be Haunted !
                                                                                       There was no other place to sit.
                                                                    This just the bike parking while car parking was separate 

                                                                                That's what is left for the Palace
                                                                                              In search for a picnic spot

                                                                                                            Palace bed

It's just the normal ASI board which they put not any special mentioning which people claim.
Most people know stories associated with the fort, while I was more interested to see the fort complex. It was big, you have to walk a little to reach the fort compound. I went up to the palace and was amaze to see the huge complex down thinking what lifestyle, culture, population would have prospered in that time. The fort palace had 7 stories however now only 2-3 is left ;in ruins however the temples were intact. There was water flowing and one temple just besides it. I quickly looked around and returned back

Next on the list was Abhaneri  Chand Baori which was just 50 KM away. I asked the local the route to take since maps was not working. The route was Paota- Bandikui- Abhaneri. But there were many turns and most places no one around to ask. I somehow managed to reach through farms to town Bandikui.
It was 3:30 PM now and I stopped to eat at a small restaurant in Banikui ,while Abhaneri was close by just 6 Km on a straight road.

Abhaneri Chand Baori

I have seen its picture many times. It was supposed to be biggest Baoli(Step Well). As soon as I entered I was short of words to describe I kept on staring at the construction.Wondering how did they make such structure starting from the ground and going down under in 8 th century. There was a temple also near by of goddess Harshat Mata. The Baori is a must to visit place. If you want to come directly here then follow this Short Tour of Rajasthan

On return from Abhaneri , the straight road  leads to Alwar and from there I took the by pass this time  to he highway No 25 which goes to Bhiwadi which was also good , however again in Bhiwadi because of new constructions you have to find your way to reach the NH 8. I returned to Delhi by 9 PM totally fulfilled with the ride and hunger for forts.

Distance covered - 600 Km around
Petrol- Rs 1500
Food- RS 250
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