Experential Ride with Harley-Davidson India

I had hardly ridden a Harley-Davidson motorcycle before, apart from the Street 750 for a short distance which I should not even count. When I got a call from their agency to check if I'm interested to be a part in one of the first experiential rides they are going to organise for non-HD riders, I was more than glad and immediately enrolled for it. A total of 7 guys (including 2 girls) were invited for this photo-op, if I can call it one and there's nothing wrong in it if it results in a burst of pics and content for a brand on social media. Royal Enfield has been doing this for quiet sometime with their Continental GT 'Burn-Ups'.
So 4 days before the ride I got an invite from them

I must say I was excited already for the day of ride which was 10-Sep 2016. We were given clear instructions to be in riding gear and carry our driving license. I reached their Capital Harley Davidson Showroom, Vasant Kunj at the reporting time of 06:30 am. Showroom is swanky!

We were supposed to ride on the Yamuna Express Way but due to a small delay we changed our plans and decided to ride around within Delhi, have breakfast and come back to the showroom. I just thought we should not get stuck in some traffic jam! We were allowed to choose our ride on first come first serve basis haha! I chose to ride a Forty-Eight (do not question this please), this is a 1200cc air cooled 45 twin. It's just that on two wheels if you ask me, even the fuel tank is barely there. But hey, I'm not complaining you see. After a small briefing by Mr. Vijay Thomas, Head of Customer Experience, we were good to go. Now I will just let the pictures do the talking..writing..riding...

It was such a fun experience for me which I did not expect, honestly. Apart from the riding part, you meet new folks and exchange conversations, oh did I mention that the breakfast was amazing too :P
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